Major Apparel Trading Firms’ Fall/Winter Trade Show

This year’s marketing for spring and summer apparel merchandise is in full swing earlier than usual, mainly due to the consumption-tax increase. However, the apparel industry is already planning for the fall and winter merchandise, and trading firms have held industry shows in anticipation.



Trade Shows for 2014 Fall/Winter

The market competition for spring and summer merchandise was already in full swing by early March, having been accelerated by the last-minute demand for apparel and related merchandise in advance of the consumption tax increase. Consequently, it is already the season to plan for the coming fall and winter merchandising seasons in the apparel industry, and major garment trading firms have held shows in order to highlight their offerings.

Chori, headquartered in Osaka (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) held its general business meeting last November, hoping to generate more attention with specialty merchandise such as its own lightweight wool and a “Natural Dye” line of textiles, which use vegetable dyes.


Original New Durable Water-Repellent Material

This reporter visited the Autumn & Winter Apparel Exhibition of Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), the apparel arm of Mitsubishi Corporation. The event was used to propose merchandise that fits the needs of the outlet, whether it’s a department store or a shopping center. Garment samples from Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia were showcased, portraying their characteristics as new trends in the section called “China +1.” 

Among all the exhibits, perhaps the most striking feature was “DIAMAGIC DIRECT®.”  An original new material developed by Mitsubishi Fashion, it has a functional coating of durable water repellent that makes stain removal easier. This is achieved in the coating process by bonding chemicals directly to the fibers.


Water-Repellent but with the Material’s Original Texture

The main characteristic of DIAMAGIC DIRECT® main characteristic is that it can process a wide range of materials but maintain the original texture. In fact, any material can be processed for such water-repellence.

Mouton boots, which have become staples in winter fashion, provide a good example.  They may keep the feet warm, they aren’t waterproof. However, by using DIAMAGIC DIRECT® one can wear them in the rain and snow without getting wet feet. Because this water-repellent technology is “moisture-permeable,” allowing the moisture to pass through, the treated boots can keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The development of such new technologies, as opposed to designs and trends, supports Japan’s apparel industry. 

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