Corporate Attitudes Toward the 2014 Economic Forecast

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Companies that expect the 2014 Japanese Economy to experience recovery

 2.6-times higher than in the previous year

~ More companies seek measures for future economic recovery as well as for both individuals and companies ~ The real GDP growth rate (revised figure) for the July~

The real GDP growth rate (revised figure) for the July-September period, as released on 9, 2013, shows that it has experienced a 0.3% increase from the previous period (April to June) and saw an annualized growth rate of 1.1%. Thus, there has been positive growth for four consecutive quarters. While some industries are showing good performance results due to the last-minute demand before the consumption tax increase (in addition to the Abenomics effect), there also exist some regions and industries that haven’t necessarily benefited from such factors.

Based on these developments, Teikoku Databank conducted a survey about companies’ perspectives on the 2013 economic trends and the forecast for 2014. The research was conducted in conjunction with the November 2013 study by TDB Trends Research. Surveys on economic forecasts have been conducted annually since November 2006, making this the eighth edition of the survey…jump to survey results.

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