Financial Analysis of Companies in Japan (2012)

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Profitability Is Improving, But in Terms of Stability Companies Are Only Halfway to Recovery

~ Small Companies Have Excess Liabilities in Four Sectors; Clear Gaps Exist Among Companies of Different Sizes ~


The Japanese economy has improved due to the weakening yen and rising share prices in financial markets, as well as through the recovery demand (from the Great East Japan Earthquake) and growing public works, among others. Thus, corporate earnings are expected to recover.

Teikoku Databank conducted financial analysis of six fiscal years from 2007 (April 2007 through March 2008) before the start of the subprime loan crisis (triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers) to 2012 (April 2012 through March 2013). Information was studied and analyzed from the two viewpoints of profitability and stability…read more.


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Teikoku Databank America, Inc.

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