Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Account for 60% of JT Suppliers

– Concerned About the Impact of Four Plant Closures in Japan –

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On October 30, Japan Tobacco, Inc. (JT) announced the closures of four of its tobacco-related plants in Japan, including 1,600 job cuts. This move came as the result of an anticipated further shrinkage in the domestic tobacco market. There is a concern for the impact primarily on suppliers for the Koriyama plant, Hiratsuka plant, Hamamatsu plant and Okayama printing plant, whose closures have been scheduled, as well as the anticipated impact on other suppliers mainly associated with the JT Group’s Japanese domestic tobacco manufacturing, sales and other operations.

Teikoku Databank (TDB) extracted, from the company profile file of the “COSMOS2” database (containing data on 1.44 million companies), direct suppliers that directly do business with JT Group companies primarily engaged in the Japanese domestic tobacco business and that have the JT Group as their major client. TDB then compiled and analyzed data by prefecture, type of business and annual sales. This is the first research of its kind ever conducted…read more.

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Teikoku Databank America, Inc.

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