About 26,000 “Long-Lived Businesses” in Japan with Histories of 100 Years or More

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~ In 2013, 1,410 Businesses Joined the Roster ~

Introduction > >                                                                                                                The Abe administration used a Japanese word meaning “metabolism” as one of the key words set forth toward the revival of the country’s economy. The administration’s “Japan Revitalization Strategy” spells out a plan to unleash the full power of the private sector by increasing the industrial and corporate metabolism. Fortunately, Japan has many businesses that are excellent examples of improved metabolism. Specifically, they are the “long-lived businesses,” as examined in this survey. There is a great deal to learn from long-lived businesses, as they have overcome various internal and external obstacles such as wars, disasters, fluctuations in the market environment and business succession over their histories of 100 years or more. They have flexibly dealt with the changes they faced.

Teikoku Databank (TDB) has compiled a list of long-lived businesses with histories of 100 years or more (including unincorporated and various incorporated forms of enterprise) from the corporate database “COSMOS2” (containing information on 1.44 million companies). TDB then analyzed these businesses according to the type of business, scale of operation, year founded and prefecture…to read the rest, Access to Full Texts



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