Booms of the Japanese Defense Forces industry

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The Japanese companies moving into Russia was quite unexpected news for some. With Abe administration in place, Japan could encounter a turning point in the nation’s defense policy.

The defense budget and the regular manpower of the Japan Self Defense Forces were both cut down in the fiscal 2013 budget (budget request), which had been prepared while the Democratic Party of Japan ran the administration. However, the defense budget, as determined following the launch of the Abe administration in December last year, was increased by approximately 40 billion yen from the previous year’s level (an increase of approximately 100 billion yen from the budget proposed by the Democratic Party of Japan). This was the first increase in defense budget in 11 years. The budget also includes an increase of 287 persons in the actual manpower of the Japan Self Defense Forces, representing the first increase in eight years. Behind these increases are the national security issues that have surfaced due to Japan’s worsening relations with its neighboring countries. With the prospect of maintaining a long-term stable administration, the Abe cabinet is expected to begin a full-scale campaign toward building “robust, flexible and efficient defense capabilities,” as exemplified by the termination or review and revision of the existing Mid-Term Defense Program and National Defense Program Guidelines, as well as the amendment of the Self-Defense Forces Act and the proposal of the National Defense Military concept…Read Full Texts


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