147 firms have disappeared due to business discontinuance and other reasons in the last 20 years

New York, NY – Oct 1, 2012 – The Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange will be integrated in January 2013 in order to survive in global inter-market competition.  Subsequently, some security firms have been already losing their robustness for sustaining their business and we expect to see more liquidation and business discontinuance of security firms.  Teikoku Databank has compiled and classified the data on bankruptcy, business discontinuance, and merger of security firms by fiscal year, and analyzed their period of establishment as well as the period they were in business. A list of firms with higher revenues was also created for fiscal years of 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 respectively, based on “COSMOS2,”  a company profile database containing data from 1.42 million companies. The data was classified into former four leading securities firms, second tier securities firms, small-to-medium-size securities firms, foreign owned securities firms, and online securities firms, also by size and category, then analyzed the transition of its distribution, revenues, profits, and status of profit and loss over the last 15 years.

Read more on our website: www.teikoku.com.


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