14,400 Japanese companies advance into the Chinese Market

14,400 Japanese companies advance into the Chinese Market

  1. As of the end of August, 2012, the number of Japanese companies which advanced into the Chinese market has climbed to 14,394. By region, Tokyo has the most with 4,748 companies. 24 prefectures have more than 100 companies that are entering into Chinese market. This may affect the companies all over Japan that operate in China.
  2. By industry, “Manufacturing” companies such as industrial resin product, auto parts and metallic/components, are the most with 5,951. “Wholesale trade” such as industrial electric equipment, apparel and machinery and equipment, follow with 5,057.
  3. In terms of the annual sales volume, “100 million or more but less than 1billion yen“ is the most with 5,156 companies. “Between 1 and 5 billion yen” follows (4,490). In addition, 1 out of 4 small- and medium-sized companies with the annual sales volume “under 1 billion” get into the red.

The influence of Anti-Japan demonstration against Japan which began in earnest after September 11th when Japanese government has decided the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands,  is spreading throughout China and affecting many Japanese companies. Because of the rampage in some areas, the factories of Japanese Automobile and electronic manufacturer have been closed temporarily. Since Chinese government has strengthened the enforcement, it has been restoring calm. However, some rather see that it will take a long time to solve the issue. If the adverse relationship between Japan and Chinese is protracted, not only but 14,400 companies operating in China but also many Japanese companies will have a vast influence in terms of both production and sale. Japan faces an urgent need.

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