Many Japanese companies are considering to build factories outside Japan

Japanese population forecast, the continuous strong yen issue, shrinking domestic demands, and the impact of natural disasters…. The economical environment continues to be very difficult in Japan.

Teikoku Databank conducted survey targeted 30,000 manufacturers and wholesalers in Japan, and 17,371 companies participated.

Out of 17,371 that answered, 2,610 companies said that they are planning or possible to invest in expansion at new location.


Out of 2,610 companies, 1,302 companies (49.9%) said that the new facility will be manufacturing facility. about 20% said it would be sales office or branch office.

The most of them said that it will likely to happen within a year.

In terms of the amount of investment, the majority said that they would spend less than 500 million yen. a few that are planning to open R&D facility said that they would spend the average of 1.25 billion yen.



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