Amusement Park operations continue to struggle in Japan

From Teikoku News issued by Teikoku Databank

In Japan, August is the month of summer vacation for both kids and adults and supposed to be the best month for amusement parks; however, this year shows the obvious influence from the energy/electricity cut caused by the earthquake in 2011.

There are total of 126 companies that operate amusement parks in Japan.

The total annual sales in 2011 was about $8.3billion ($1=79.02yen)

In 2011, only 38 companies experienced the slight sales growth and 73 had sales decrease.

Out of 126, we have 80 companies with financial informaton. Ont of the 80, 25 companies are in deficit which is 25% more than 2010.

The top is Oriental Land that operates Disney Land in Tokyo with $3.96billion, followed by USJ that operates Universal Studio Japan, with $836million. The major companies are successfully capturing visitors with special events and festivals.



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