Teikoku Databank Report on Importers in Japan: 40% of importers is in deficit

According to Teikoku Databank’s study 40% of importers in Japan is in deficit.

In July 2012, there are 17 bankruptcies related to an influence of strong yen, which is the highest number since Teikoku Databank started collecting bankruptcy data in January 2008.

Key findings from the study is as followed.

  1. There are total of 33,273 companies that are directly and indirectly related to importing in Japan. About 90% is manufacturers (14,845 companies) and wholesalers (14,436 companies) . 44.6% of all, 14,845 companies, makes the annual sales of 100 million yen to less thank 1 billion yen.
  2. In terms of profit and loss, small companies with annual sales of less than 100 million yen. This is an alerming study result and would raise a concern for the future.
  3. By prefecture,  Miyagi is top with 41.4%, followed by Aomori (32.6%), Shimane (31.7%), and Iwate (31.0%)

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