The number of discontinued and closed businesses in Tokyo

When we try to know about the world economy, one thing to look at is the number of bankruptcy.

The number of closed and discontinued businesses are usually neglected from the economical statistics.

According to Teikoku News issued by Teikoku Databank, there were 2,367 bankruptcies in Tokyo in the fiscal year 2011 (April 2011 to March 2012), and there were 3,056 closed or discontinues companies in Tokyo in the fiscal year 2011. The number of closed and discontinued companies in Tokyo is decreased by 5% compare to the previous fiscal year. This is the lowest in the past 6 fiscal years.

The number was the highest in the construction industry and the lowest in retail industry.

This may be taken as the economy is getting better.

Teikoku Databank and Teikoku Databank America issues Japan bankruptcy alert when interesting or large scale bankruptcy.

Please check our website,, for the latest bankruptcy information.



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