Fresh Grads Face Tough Job Market in Japan

Mass-hiring has been the Japanese custom since the post-war economic boost. However, the 4- year university graduates face tough job market for entry level positions.

With emerging global demand, Japanese companies also have been showing interests on foreign graduates as a source of new ideas.

Hiring Japanese educated abroad is also an option to bring in diversity. However, the Japanese educated oversea are reportedly facing difficulty adjusting into the old seniority-based system.

Experts also warn that companies that hire foreigners will not succeed in getting diversity and new ideas if they try to squeeze them into the rigid Japanese corporate system and pre-determined career path.

One thought on “Fresh Grads Face Tough Job Market in Japan

  1. With the mass migration of foreigners from Japan last year post tsunami, English schools are quite desperate for teachers. I understand their strict 4 year college grad criteria has dropped to a 2 yr degree in anythng. Heaps of ALT jobs in Tokyo. ie setup a job alert on or check Tokyo classifieds, or other online Japan blogs. Sallery has not changed though, dont expect to get rich on 250,000 yen/month as an alt.

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