Number of small and medium size bankruptcy has been increasing

From Teikoku Databank report

After the tremendous amount of financial aid from Japanese government, the number of large bankruptcy keeps decreasing. It seems now that the economy is getting better just because the large scale bankruptcies decreased.

However, the number of small scale bankruptcies, with less than 50 million yen debt, has been increasing.

The number of total bankruptcies occurred in 2009 is was 12,866 (decreased by 2.8% from the previous year), but the number of small bankruptcies occurred 5,739 and it’s 6.7% more than the previous year; it occupies 44.6% of the total bankruptcies. The peak was May 2010; more than half, 50.7%, was small bankruptcy.

The majority of them are caused by the economic slowdown in Japan.

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